Monday, September 04, 2017

No Support

​They confronted me in the day of my calamity,
​​But the LORD was my support. 2 Samuel 22:9

Work or no work, it is likely that age will come anyway and some part or parts of the body will fail. There have been those who seem to have enjoyed an easy life without stress to the limbs and joints sit in the doctor's chamber o' horrors right beside the working man and woman with a similar complaint. Office job or working stiff, it is likely that you and I will suffer repetitive motion injuries from something. Folks who work hard into their 50's and beyond look with envy on the person at the desk who is looking right back at them with an opposite sort of envy. Their age-related injuries might be different, but it is quite likely that both will suffer. We are going to grow old and things are going to hurt. Ouch.

I don't want to hurt! Can I get a pass, Lord? Thus far I do not seem to have my get-out-of-aging-free card. Those who can keep moving do, and then tell those who are hurting that they must keep moving. The hurting look with envy on the...and here we go again. I have seen all manner of methods and means in this life, and I haven't even been here that long. We mock that old Spanish guy over his search for the fountain of youth, but he probably woke up hurting one day and realized that old age was gaining on him. His search is neither more nor less comical than the fellow who eats nothing but pills or the lady who had all those plastic surgeries. There is no support for all the methods of man to stop our growing into old men and old ladies. David found something in the day of his calamity that might do for us too!

Whatever and whoever confronted him in the midst of calamity, David always took up his faith and ran to the Lord. There is our answer...and yet, David grew old and died, probably with something or many things hurting him, too. Paul likely felt all of his scars and old injuries as he begged for his cloak in his final letter. John was exiled to a penal colony in his elder years. Why should someone such as I get a pass? Better by far to suffer along with my brothers and sisters in Christ than to roam about carefree making everyone envious.

Great is the name of our Lord Jesus!

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