Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Do Not Diminish A Word

"Perhaps everyone will listen and turn from his evil way, that I may relent concerning the calamity which I purpose to bring on them because of the evil of their doings." Jeremiah 26:3

In the days of the Law, the prophet Jeremiah was sent with a word from the Lord. In our verse for today the Lord expresses His hope for repentance from His chosen people. To make His point, the Lord issued a command to Jeremiah just before this verse: "Do not diminish a word."

When bringing a warning to the people, we are going to feel compassion from the fruit of the Holy Spirit. There is a similar command at the end of the Revelation. What it means is that we are not to water down or go easy with God's Word. If you are given a prophecy to proclaim to the nations, or a nation, it is your job to proclaim accurately and with the full force of the Lord's Word. Compassion is a good fruit, unless we yield to the temptation to soften the blow the Lord intends. To give a softened warning to the person reaching for the live electrical cable is to show a lack of love. Of course you and I would yell with all our might for the person to stop.

Jeremiah was given some tough words from the Lord to deliver up to a people who were not going to want to hear them. Such were the words of prophecy from the Lord that Jeremiah was going to face the temptation to ease up on his people, but the Lord commanded him: "Do not diminish a word!" In this age, actually today as in right now, we seem to have multiple calamities ongoing and headed our way. The effects of one hurricane are barely diminished and another is headed our way. Fires are burning all over the West and Northwest of our nation. And who can tell what that fellow in North Korea wants or is going to do?

Perhaps God's people can start the healing of our land by turning to the Lord in prayer. And don't diminish a word of the fear we feel in the face of calamities. Pour out in prayer the compassion for those caught directly in the storm's path. But, if the word of the Lord is for repentance lest more calamity come our way, then let us stand up boldly and give the Word to the people. It's a tough job, and Jeremiah did it in the strength of the Lord.

The darkness gathers; Jesus is coming soon!


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