Friday, May 29, 2015

The Valley I Must Cross

The first Friday morning of the skeeter spraying season arrives, and I think I could use a little caffeine in my joe this time. The urge to nap is strong with this one. Mmm, breakfast, that helps a lot. Now, what temptation do we face on this day? I may expect a time of peace and rest from God, but that enemy of ours does not hand out days off from his minions. And why should I expect a day off from temptation or trial when those are the things that test my faith to the glory of God the Father? A temptation exists that starts with, "If I had only..." That is, in looking back on a fork in the road of life, I would now be in the town of Blissville living on Easy Street if I had chosen the other way.

Well, we know that there is only one Way to the Father, and that way in life includes trials and tribulations. So, what sort of evil temptation makes us believe that going the other way back then would have resulted in anything but a trip down the road that leads to destruction? In this life, we will face the valley that must be crossed. The great king, David, had one and he wrote about it in his great psalm. We have one too, and James reminds us that the testing of our faith produces patience, one of the fruits of the Spirit that God will raise up in us. In fact, the brother of our Lord tells us that we are to count that valley we face as a joy. This happens just before he reminds us to ask for wisdom from the Lord.

The valley we face today may well appear frightening, difficult, and even insurmountable, but we do not cross it alone. The 'gardener' Mary Magdalene met one morning will see to it that His little branches are pruned and trimmed for the journey. The Spirit that Gardener gave to us will produce His fruit in us as we journey with Him.

Have a traveling day in the Lord!


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