Friday, May 15, 2015

Salvation, It's a Given Thing

In this world we will have much work, *but* there is something that we cannot work for. When I am tempted to talk work, work, work all the time, I strive to remember that thing for which I cannot achieve, labor, toil, or work. It cannot be listed on my resume, because I did not accomplish it. This thing is given to me, therefore I cannot boast of it as of something I did. Truly it is the greatest of things to strive for and many do so in religious systems. However, a gift that can be earned is no gift at all but a wage. Salvation, it's a given thing.

When the list of 'I gotta do's' threatens to overwhelm me, I recall the grace of God in our given salvation. Since there is no earning, there is no need to list it on that list. With blessed assurance, rest comes in salvation while other things may be yet undone in the physical world. In our world, when one task is marked as finished, another awaits or arrives with breathless anticipation. Our work here is never done. Yet, long ago, well before our birth on the globe, a Man stood on the cross and proclaimed the work of salvation finished. Then, He died. Not only is salvation finished by the Son, none can pitch in to add their help because He died. Ever tried to help a dead person, it just can't be done.

Jesus rose again from the grave; not to give us a chance to help out with our salvation, but to commission us to spread the good news of what He accomplished. Praise God, salvation is not a work thing - it's a given thing.

Have a receptive day in Christ!


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