Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weed = Not Wanted

Good morning from the swampy garden, complete with the usual bugs, toads, tall plants, and sweating intruder (that would be me). The bugs seem to enjoy munching on the intruder, and of course making him pay for his hubris. I'm glad to see some of the tall plants and the toads. I could do without the swarms of little bugs and some of the other tall plants. There is no question of letting with weeds; I assure you they did not have my permission to grow so tall. The funny thing is that some of the 'weeds' are actually fruit-bearing plants. I do believe that I could plant nothing at all next year, water the garden well, and have a bumper crop of German blackberries with no effort on my part. They are even growing in the pumpkin patch. Yes, the one I planted on soil Mike stripped of the buffalo grass turf and I planted several feet away from the main garden. Weeds simply equals not wanted.

So, though you and I are fruit-bearing plants by God's work in us, there may well be gardens in this world where we are not wanted. Bring your good fruit of the Spirit to any of several establishments on this earth, and you may well be tossed out. There are indeed places where the Adversary holds strong and little Christian sheeps are unwelcome to bear our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control. Often it is the self-control part that is hated most in some places. "This ain't a park bench, bub, if you ain't gonna [gamble, drink, play, tip, play with, etc], then get out!" You may even have enjoyed a warm welcome there in former days, but now with Jesus shining in you, you're nuttin' but a weed to the powers of this world. Praise God for little sheeps that grow into fruit of the Spirit bearing weeds!

Have a great Saturday in Christ!

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