Monday, July 28, 2014

The Small Town

Good Monday! The little toads have returned, my eyes are full of gook, and the untended weeds are tall; it must be coming up on August. Sprinklers are a must in these days if the lawn and garden are to survive. Rabbits and squirrels run freely through the yards, and people walk without fear in the evenings. We must be in the small town part of America. Sounds almost idyllic if you don't know the truth. Each person walking these streets has his or her set of worries. Each comes with health worries, some serious and others imaginary. Each carries a load of concern over capital, as in will there be enough to meet the invoiced demands this month. What if some health concern rears up and wipes out the capital entirely? Others will face a job this morning they do not like in a career he or she wishes had gone differently. All can think of regrets from the past that threaten to choke off all happiness. Yet, they go one more round in this fight we call life.

Wow, how depressing can I get on a Monday morning? The truth is also that life is not only these things. Worries are not all that we have to think about on a nice evening walk. Even those who do not believe in Jesus can find other subjects to bring up on a walk or an evening sit. We who have a great hope in Christ then have more reason to put on that cheerful demeanor. We do not look forward to nothing but doom and galoom, but to a future bright with the anticipation of meeting our Lord. Uh, not sure what 'galoom' is but it sounds bad. You probably wouldn't want any to get in your breakfast cereal. Life does dish out a lot of pain and suffering, but that isn't all there is to think about. In fact, we can reduce the pain and suffering just by turning the mind to other good things in life. This is possible because Jesus our Lord does not leave us alone.

Have a great week in Christ Jesus!

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