Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Joy Swells in My Heart

Good evening! A special greeting to those of you at work. The world will never make it easy for us to feel the joy that God gives to us. If we wait on circumstances to become perfect, we will wait until Jesus returns to express our joy. In December, with the bulk of winter yet before us, we may want nothing more than a nice pair of warm socks to feel really happy for an evening. Ha! That might work in a book or movie, in this life we seldom realize such simple needs. Usually, a lengthy list of wants comes to mind when we think of the perfect evening. Turning that mind of wanting to think of Jesus can help us reconnect with that joy living within us.

Circumstance does not magically become perfect when we remember our joy. But the world's roar can be put in its proper place when we think on the joy of our Savior. The news of the world gives us cause to believe in chaos; the good news of Jesus Christ gives us cause to share a little joy. We may think of a thousand reasons to be fearful, but the Holy Spirit dwelling within gives us one overwhelming reason to be joyful. The cat howling at the Rolling Stones on the radio may cause a little grief, but the joy that swells my heart gives me a little compassion. The cat had a tough year too. Praise God for our joyful home.


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