Thursday, November 01, 2018

He Made That Promise!

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death,
​​And broke their chains in pieces. Psalm 107:14

Halloween is over for another year, praise the Lord! This year I get a little pat on the back; I did not purchase my Halloween candy until yesterday morning. I figure that gave me at least 20 days that I used in years past to get into the candy that I did not do this year. Pat, pat, good job, mate! Then, I was generous in giving it out last night, so that I have less to get out of the house this morning...and take to work. We'll have to work on that last bit. To me candy in my house is a lot like an addict's stash, and candy at work is only slightly easier to refuse.

Why does this sound like one of those chains? Are we not released yet? This ongoing divorce from the flesh happens in the Lord's time and timing. The desires of the flesh serve the Lord's purpose, but that does not mean we must always give in to them. The development of self control or discipline in some areas of my life seems rather slow, perhaps even glacial. Yet, God is in charge of my remodeling and rebuilding. What appears slow to me may be a fast track project of the Lord's. As a fallen man walking on the cursed Earth, my perspective is skewed. I am reborn in Christ, and this sanctification project of the Lord's is probably going just as fast as I can stand. If I had His perspective for just a moment, I would surely understand the Lord's great work in me, pacing and timing all done in His awesome love.

The verse for today is God's word, and He made that promise! Patience, soldier of the Lord, He will complete His good work in us!


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