Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Clear Decision or Unwinnable Debate?

Would you indeed annul my justice? Would you declare me guilty so that you might be right? Job 40:8

Well, it is both. The final word in the book of Job belongs to God, and He uses it to ask Job a series of questions. This one from chapter 40 and verse 8 is one that knocks anyone off their imaginary fence: God is just and right, or the one who believes in his own rightness and justice. There is no middle ground presented here, no way out through debate. Either God is right or God is guilty. Job is right or Job is guilty. Both cannot be right when Job would accuse God. We face the same choice: enter into that unwinnable debate with God or believe Him and stand in the clear choice that God is right and just. They cannot both be right when some would depend on their own righteousness and God's word states that there is none righteous, no not one.

The good news is that not only is God right and just, but loving and good too! When the Lord returns at the end, He states that His reward is with Him. Our Lord's justice is not only about locking away the Accuser, but also sharing His reward with those who believe in Him. Let us seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; after all we agreed with Him long ago that there is none to be found in us.

May your Halloween be blessed,

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