Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Oh That They Would Continue

Then the LORD heard the voice of your words when you spoke to me, and the LORD said to me: "I have heard the voice of the words of this people which they have spoken to you. They are right in all that they have spoken." Deuteronomy 5:28

My heavens! The Israelites said something right in God's hearing? The wonder of it all! What was this they said? They were afraid to go up on the mountain with a holy God because they would be consumed by the great fire. That was only part of it, but it shows they knew their condition would not allow them to approach any closer or even to stay longer in His presence. They also said that Moses should go and get the word of God, and that they would hear and obey! Wow, wonder how long that worked out? We don't have to wonder of course, the story of the Israelites and their disobedience continues through many books of bible history and prophecy, plus a bunch of songs about it.

The Lord laments immediately after our verse for today that they might continue in this way. A right heart within us is all the Lord wants of us. Yet, neither we nor those ancient Israelites could do it on our own. The Law was perfect and they were not; God's standard is perfect and we are not. Both the old time folks and the people of today could not continue without something more, a big change to how we are born. Of course nothing is a bigger change to a birth than a rebirth!

You know the answer: Jesus has given a great grace to us by way of His salvation. Blessed and Wonderful is the name of our Lord!


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