Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Man of Action...Do Nothing?

One of the great conundrums we may face in this life is a time when all of our action comes to a screeching halt. Peter and Paul carried a great authority in Christ throughout their ministries, but at the end we know of no action either took to extend their lives when the Roman executioners came to bring them to their final moments. Stephen spoke God's words in his trial, but then meekly took his place before the men with rocks in their hands. For all we know, Stephen may have been a man in the prime of his life with strength and martial skills that none could match. Yet, he followed His Lord to a place where he did nothing. O man of action, one of your more difficult tests may be on that day when God commands, "Do nothing."

We prize a man or woman of action in this age, just as our ancestors did from the earliest days. We like to be that person with strength in hand and brains in the head, ready to help out and accomplish the task at hand. We may come to that point in life where God doesn't want our help. "Do nothing" is a tough one for us to accept and obey. Some of my brothers and sisters in Christ might even be driven a little bonkers (a medical condition) by this command from our Lord. Our actions are often carried out to satisfy our will, but one day God may answer that prayer we pray, "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven," by stopping our action for a bit.

Rejoice in the Lord's day!

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