Friday, December 09, 2016

Coffee Cups Warm Hands Well

Yes, the past couple of mornings have been good for holding that coffee cup full of hot coffee in a pair of cold hands, aaahhh! So, what does God have to do with this? Is this not a Christian devotional? Well, let us count the blessings as they used to do back in the good old days. The Lord provided me with the strength to work and earn money to purchase those things needed for a hot cup of coffee. He also provided money, time, and a peaceful environment for all those who brought electricity to my home. Far away, perhaps in Columbia, the Lord provided the right slope, soil, temperature, humidity, and rain to grow coffee beans. A ship brought them here to America where those beans were roasted just right, packaged, and shipped to me. Lots of people doing many jobs, earning a living for their families, all of them with the opportunity to praise God for His blessings. And of course, the Lord blessed me with another peaceful awakening this morning and another day to praise Him on this earth.

And I have this urge to complain about a pair of cold hands? Tsk, how ungrateful is that old man, the flesh!

Thank you, dear Lord, for a cold Friday morning to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Gratitude to you, my Savior, for my wonderful friends in Christ who will read a bit of my babbling, perhaps while they enjoy their own cup of coffee on a cold morning. Thank you, Father, that peace sits on our land through the sacrifice of many over the years. May we always remember to give thanks to you our God for Your many great blessings.

Love in Christ,

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