Monday, December 05, 2016

A Flat, Dry Place

It seems that cold is on the way. After the autumn we've had, cold seems a rather strange condition to worry over. Winter is the flat, dry place of the year in these parts. We don't usually receive a lot of moisture even when it does snow. Yes, that seems rather a paradox since snow is made of frozen water falling to the earth. However, as those who live where snow falls know, snow can be wet or dry. So it seems with a paradox of the Christian journey; we have times where we cross a flat, dry place. Sometimes the Christian will call it a flat, dry, cold, quiet, and stale place where faith seems difficult to grasp and the Lord is silent. Even the Bible, the Word of God may seem flat and dry to the Christian during this season of our earthly journey. Congratulations! If you have gone through this time, perhaps even more than once, you have grown from Christian infancy to adulthood.

God has not abandoned us, that would go against what His word says to us. However it may seem that for a time we journey alone. Don't believe it! What seems is not what is. When Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us, He meant it. The funny thing is that the more we believe our unbelief the more it appears to be true. It is faithless to say that God has left us alone, but the more we say it to ourselves the more it will appear to be. If God is quiet for a time, it does not mean that He is not there (or here). I suppose the way to get through that flat, dry place in life is to work; work at reminding the self constantly that He is with us all the way. Read the Word and see the journey of others who found themselves in the same place. Waiting on the Lord at such a time is tough, but perhaps it is a tough Christian He is creating by these times.

Rejoice in His presence, especially if He 'feels' a little distant right now,


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