Thursday, December 01, 2016

Amen Cannot Mean 'Over and Out'

The tooth giving me trouble is gone, and I feel better already. In the fiction stories, I might read a tale of two or three big goons and a pair of pliers, but thanks be to God is was not that way yesterday. As God grows faith in place of fear and overcomes my anxiety with His assurance, medical care does not equal torture.

In my wandering and growing years, the word 'Amen' came to mean the end, over and out, a signing off as though I was no longer talking to God, and perhaps, didn't want Him to hear the thoughts that might come next. In the stories of the church beginning, we have this:

Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church. (Acts 12:5)

Constant prayer by the church. What a great concept! And as all those who believe in Jesus are the church, no matter where they are in the given moment, we should be glad to pray constantly. Therefore, amen cannot mean 'over and out'. And so shall it be is a prayer to God's will. And God very much likes to hear from His children all the time. He did not reserve Sunday morning from 10-12 on our calendar as a kind of recurring once-per-week meeting. We don't tithe our time, all of our time is His! Not because the Lord wants a bunch of drudges working 168-hour weeks under some obligation, but because He loves us and wants to be with us! Yes, when I think about my Lord, a lot of exclamation points start coming out. I am awestruck by the fact that God, the creator of all things, Lord of Heaven and Earth, wants to know me, be with me, and hear my every thought.

May His name be forever praised!

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