Thursday, January 07, 2016

Oops, Glad I Ain't That Guy

Our little town was treated to the smell of a gas leak yesterday at about 4:30 in the afternoon. I saw the town manager driving furiously about with his nose out the window, people dumping soapy water on their gas meters, and gas company trucks rushing to the town...oh, all that is a bit of marketing speak for the town manager driving down the street, one person checking his meter, and one gas truck parked at their office. Well that's not so much fun. We are more accustomed to emergencies delivered and solved in hour-long shows. What do you mean a junk collector accidentally dropped a bucket with just a cup or so of the stinky gas chemical? We want drama, chaos, and a superhero!

On the other hand, I'm glad that I ain't that guy. I'll use 'guy' because most junk collectors are still men. No matter what you might call your wife's collection of knick-knacks, most of us see the older gent in the pickup and trailer doing the junk collecting. With that in mind, we'll just be glad that we aren't that guy, Public enemy number one (more tongue-in-cheek marketing speak) in our little town today. He caused a fright, a scare, a potential calamity with his fumbling fingers. How dare he! Oh, the relief when we found out it wasn't gas at all, just the stinky chemical (methyl mercaptan, CH4S,in case you were interested.) Still, what a disruption to the normal peace he caused. Cause for outrage, take to the social media, grab the torches and pitchforks! Wait, maybe not the torches.

In every time and place someone has played the part of the untouchable, the pariah, those no one wants to be. Yet, in one time and place, a man named Jesus sought out those very people. The woman at the well who had to get her water when no one else was around, the despised tax collector, the leper, and the crippled invalid, all sought out and healed by our Lord. When we follow Him, which of the despised and rejected of men are we led to find?

Have a graceful day in Christ,

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