Friday, June 13, 2014

The Wrong Instrument in the Right Band

Good Friday morning! I had to inform the clock that it was Friday 6/13 and not 7:13 as it said. Then, I realized that I had the wrong instrument for the date. That clock only tells me the time, eh. So, I had this thought. Dangerous, I know, but here it goes anyway. Do you ever find yourself feeling like you are the wrong instrument in the right band? The strings are warming up, and the brass is ready for the big symphony, and you have been issued a kazoo. What happened there? You walk into the club and the band is onstage with electric guitars and bass, drum set, and keyboards. You walk up to the mike stand with your tuba (It's only sexy in Bill's hands.) What's up with that? Why did God bring me here? I know that the followers of Christ is the right band, but I feel so out of tune like I have the wrong instrument in hand. Do you feel like that sometimes? I suppose every teenager has felt at least a bit of this in high school or college.

Faith says that God is the composer and concert master. The eyes and human wisdom say that you or I have the wrong instrument for the band. We may feel like that when trusting in what we think we know. We know that faith is the way to go, but the overall feeling is leading us to believe something is a bit out of whack. Not so much as the fan who bought tickets to the rock concert and brought along his pet rock. No, that would be dreadfully obvious. This is a bit of that little whispering in the mind that tries to get us to break faith with Christ. Judas Iscariot may have started this way. First a disciple in the band, but then he felt something was a little off so he tried to correct it by switching instruments. We know how that tune came out.

Faith is truly the way to go. The concert piece may seem off to our human eyes and ears, but God is in charge and the music will be just the way He wants it. The time will arrive to blow your kazoo, or tuba, or trumpet. Have faith in God and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!


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