Friday, June 27, 2014

A Reward That Expires Isn't Much of a Reward

Good morning on this last Friday in June! Yes, the halfway point of 2014 is very close already. Reward or loyalty programs abound in business these days. Mostly of the loyalty is designed to flow from the customer to the business, but these post-recession days we'll take what we can get, I suppose. I found this morning a card from one of those in my desk that had expired, and I thought that a reward that expires isn't much of a reward. If I stamp an expiration date on a friendship, then it would not be regarded as much of a friendship. If a wedding vow comes with clause listing a renew or expire date, we would take that commitment as somewhat less than lifelong. A lifetime appointment to a position with annual reviews wherein one party can opt out of the contract is not exactly firm and solid. The 'lifetime' in that appointment being a sad joke when it can be broken so easily. We run into this a lot in the world.

Jesus made promises of reward that are based on Himself. Then He rose again from the tomb to emphatically guarantee and prove those promises. After all, one of His promises was that on the third day He would rise again. At the cross, we can say that our Lord signed His promises with His blood. A reward with options or exceptions or expiration is not what Jesus gave us. Opposite of all the dated and shifty promises the world offers, our Lord did not put dates on His promises. A promise based on the surety of Jesus does not need a date. We believe because of Him, not some date on a wall decoration.

Have a great Friday!

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