Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make the Call! - July 26, 2011

Good Tuesday morning! Our bit of humidity has returned to the area, but the temps have been moderate compared with much of the nation. The last week of July has arrived and the county fair is under way. There, now you are up to date on all the important news. But... none of that is important, you might say. You would be correct in that; my news is not exactly earth-shattering. Congrats, you have now racked up one correctness point for the day. Some days it may seem like we are not right on anything. The boss jumps on you all day long. The spouse has a list of 'wrongs' you committed that day. And you must admit that for the entire day both the boss and the 'boss' are correct in all points. Where do you go to find some right for your life?

John the Baptist had doubts about Jesus during is time in prison. Nicodemus came to find Christ by night. Timothy needed Paul to send some Word to him in his first ministry. These men may have had times of doubt, but they knew one thing the Spirit also tells us: where to find answers to those doubts. John the Baptist was locked up and would not come out of prison with his head intact, but he knew whom to send his disciples to see. Nicodemus had trouble swallowing the answers he received, but he knew where to ask his questions. Timothy... we don't know any more about, but Paul knew to send a dose of the Word at least twice. All of them received answers and encouragement from the source: Jesus, the Word of God. Even the one we like to call 'Doubting' knew who to ask. Thomas brought his doubts and questions right to the source: His Lord Jesus Christ. Today we can do the same thing.

The death of Jesus on the cross tore the veil of the temple in two. No longer would man be separated from God save by his own rejection of the Son. Jesus even taught us to pray directly to our Father, who art in Heaven. We will have doubts in this life, but we now have a direct line to the Creator of all things. God doesn't leave his prayer phone off the hook so he can get some sleep. God doesn't shut down Heaven's switchboard to give the staff a break. God does not even have to reboot the prayer servers for maintenance. The prayer lines to Heaven are always open and every call is routed right to the top. Place your 'call' to God right now; He is always waiting to hear from all of us.

God's blessings, peace, and mercy be with you today,


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