Saturday, May 28, 2011

Give Your Self - May 28, 2011

Good Saturday morning and welcome to the great Memorial Day weekend! Some of you are camping, some at the lake, and some right here at home watching the rain and wondering if the sun will shine today. Let us not forget what Monday is, but have fun this weekend.

Jesus said that we should have the attitude of humble servants simply doing our duty when we do good works. However, that doesn't mean that our good works go unnoticed or unrewarded in this life. God loves to reward the faithful servants in his army of believers. We do not work for an ungrateful Father in Heaven. We do not labor for nothing, and our sacrifices are storing more than just treasure in a future place. Certainly God also grants us blessings that seem to come for nothing at all. That is what a gift is all about.

Want to shock a coworker? Give a gift on some random day. Not a birthday, not at Christmas, no anniversaries or special holidays, just bring in a gift for no apparent reason. Tell him or her that the gift is just for being the person he or she is. You will probably never see a more suspicious person in your life. Give the gift to a boss and you will probably hear some uncomplimentary terms volleyed your way. We seem to think that the giving of gifts is limited to certain occasions. God gives us gifts all the time. We are to be like him, so....

Actually, we also tend to think that we can only give expensive, material gifts. God doesn't always bestow those kinds of gifts, in fact, many of His gifts to us are priceless and even gifts that cannot be bought with money. Not many of us could afford to buy gifts each day, though the merchants would love to have us do such a thing, and a material present would be much less special if you had to unwrap dozens every day. God's bestest gift was himself. We can follow Him in that by giving ourselves to each other each day. Enjoy the giving of your self; there are so many good ways to give.

Have a restful and fun-filled weekend in Christ!


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