Friday, May 20, 2011

Amen to God's Plan! - May 20, 2011

Good Friday morning! I'm not sure where he came from, but I know he is going out to help with landfill operations. Some slug was dangling from my garage door this morning. The weather has been wet lately, but that wet? I'm sure the landfill will keep him occupied in a gainful manner. Last night I looked into the darkness, and things seemed very dark. This morning I decided to look to the light of the world, and things seemed so much better. In the dark dream last night, I tried to teach some other dream characters to trust in Jesus. What is going on here? In the old days dreams just happened to me. Must be growing in the Spirit I guess. I wonder what would cause such a thing? I mean, other than slugs dangling from your garage door that is.

Sometimes we are going to have one of those moments where we come to realize our growth in the Spirit of Christ. This probably doesn't happen every day for you; I can report that I don't see it each day in my life. The growth seems to be slow from my point of view as temptations still seem to grab my attention far too easily. Selfishness seems to be my first reaction or thought too often and Jesus my last resort instead of the first. However, that doesn't happen all of the time now. And to dream about comforting others with the good news of Jesus? Well, my heavens whatever is going on here?

Today, I'm going to plan not lifting and carrying heavy things for at least this day. We'll see how that turns out. My plans don't always come to pass. Some days the mind wants to do what the body would rather put off for another day too. One thing I do know: God's plan for the day is already in motion and will be carried out - with or without me. In the old days I would have different and rebellious thoughts about that. Today, I am comforted and glad that God's plan will happen: on time and on schedule. There is only one thing to say about God's plan today, "Amen!"

Have a great Friday in Christ! I hope the sun shines some today.


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