Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Theory of the Moment - May 18, 2008

Good Sunday morning! The bright light of late spring shines upon the flowers, just as the bright light of Jesus shines upon each of us.

The Theory of the Moment
In my search for the truth about the many situations, and my reaction to them, that come upon me each day, I form theories about why or for what purpose these happen. One day or week, I may have a certain conclusion or theory about why something has happened or why I feel the way I do at some moment. The next day or week, my theory may be discarded in favor of some other conclusion. Jesus tells us that those who seek shall find. To me, in the context of my thoughts and feelings, this means that the theory of the moment may not be the correct one. The self-pitying theories are probably the worst and least likely to be correct. The anxious theories are the ones that most need to be disproved and banished from my thoughts. However, every theory, right or wrong, is a part of the process of my seeking. I suspect that some of my theories can only be set correct by the inspiration or even direct intercession of the Holy Spirit. The wonderful thing is that this intercession happens quite often. Through reading the books and listening to the sermons of Christian ministers and counselors I find some answers, and through the Bible I find many more answers. Friends, my brothes and sisters in Christ, also bring inspiration and comfort. Since the theory of the moment is so often wrong, I am glad for the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life.

May the presence of the Holy Spirit of God fill your life on this great day in the Lord,


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