Wednesday, February 21, 2018

God Can't Speak To Me

And Jacob called the name of the place where God spoke with him, Bethel. Genesis 35:15

A man says that God spoke to him through a note left in the frost of his windshield, and we say, "Crackpot!" Another says that God spoke to her by a voice she heard in the shower, and we say, "Crazy!" A man riding his donkey claims that it spoke to him when he tried to make it ride down an angel of the Lord, and we say, "Oh, wait, that's from the Bible!" Another man says that a burning bush was not consumed and when he went over to get a closer look the Lord spoke to him, and we say, "Uh, that's Moses, it's a famous story from the Bible and he is a hero of the faith!"

If I say that God cannot speak to me, then He probably won't. If I limit God to only the words contained within His word that we call the Bible, then He may speak no further. But God may have some specific instructions for me that I'm holding back by my stubborn refusal to hear Him. What's worse is that by throwing derogatory labels around, we may cause a neighbor to stop hearing from the Lord and we might miss a message of love and comfort that we need. It's tragic and comic how some will lean into every red-letter word from the Word of God, and yet tell a neighbor that God is done speaking to us and further words from Him are impossible.

Impossible, said of God, really... surely by now we know better than to say that.

May our Lord speak to you personally today,

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