Friday, August 19, 2016

Did He Just Misspeak?

I have a word mashup fairly often when I try to speak. Politicians claim to misspeak almost as often, usually after someone points out the error of something they said. Is it possible for one of God's prophets to misspeak? Or would that be, miswrite?

In the Bible we get some accounts of four living creatures. Ezekiel sees them twice, once by the River Chebar and again in Jerusalem at the Temple. John also sees them in the Revelation. In Ezekiel 1:10, the four cherubim have four faces, man, lion, ox, and eagle. In the Revelation 4:7 each of the living creatures has one of these four faces: man, lion, ox, and eagle. However, in Ezekiel 10:14, we get: cherub, man, lion, and eagle. Why is the eagle always last? No, no, that wasn't the question: Why in this one is the face of a cherub listed first, and wouldn't the face of the cherub be one of those four listed earlier? Did Ezekiel just misspeak in his excitement in recording his heavenly vision?

I searched in several translations of the Bible, and in the New Living Translation they changed it to 'ox' but put a note down at the bottom that says, "Literally, 'cherub' ". The others all stayed with 'cherub'. So, did Exekiel have one of those human moments when we blow it, like I just did typing the prophet's name? Possibly, and that wouldn't make the Bible any less authoritative or life-giving. In fact, it makes the word of God all the more accessible to us bumbling, stumbling, fumbling humans reading and studying His glorious word.

Have a wonderful Friday in Christ, and make a mistake or two for humanity's sake!


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