Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Even a Cup of Water

Good Wednesday morning! The world is frosty and cold this morning. Praise the Lord for autumn! Do you feel small today? Not small as in your physical size, but small in the way of being noticed and, dare we say it, acknowledged for your efforts? The awards at your work place always pass you by, yet the boss says that you are doing well. You serve and serve, but no one gives you a "Well done! Good work on that project!" Does it seem that your faithful service even in the church is being taken for granted? You may be correct!

Often in this fallen world our efforts and service go without gratitude or award or even the slightest notice. You have probably run into the boss that says things like, "Service is its own reward!" or "Your paycheck should be all the reward you need." You can probably add some dry old sayings to that list as well. Perhaps a paycheck should be enough for doing the job, but we don't always feel that way. That money that is owed for work done doesn't always seem to satisfy the emotional need. One might well wonder that if we could earn our salvation and God owed us a ticket to Heaven like we get paid on Earth, would we be satisfied?

God has set up a reward, a treasure chest, for us in Heaven. We are not always going to receive praise or reward here in this life for a job well done. We cannot touch our reward in Heaven; gaze at it on the mantle, or show it off to friends here in our earthly life. No one in our circle of friends may even know that a reward has been earned, but the reward is still there and will be satisfying in that sweetest of ways that only God can provide. The world may not notice you, but God is right there with you always.

We are acutely aware that God sees every sin, even the ones we try to hide. However, do we also think on the fact that God is right there noticing and rewarding our least service and most selfless act? Jesus told us this very thing. In Mark 9:41 and Matthew 10:42 Jesus assures us that even a cup of water given in His name will receive reward. Your service is not forgotten! God knows and your reward is safe with Him!

Have a wonderful day in the name of Jesus!


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