Monday, June 20, 2011

What to Give - June 20, 2011

Good Monday morning! Our flash flood warning turned into a flood warning last night. Last night it rained for several hours at least, not always hard, but we did get some serious runoff from all of that. So... big storms on June 13, 16, and now June19, I guess we should watch out for the 22nd day of this month now. Of course we have no guarantee the series will hold up, we may have to watch out for today. We have one command given often by Jesus that may apply to all of this: Don't be afraid! Jesus gave us his assurance, his Spirit, his peace, and even his life. What do we have to give?

We can answer by what we must give, but the play on the word 'have' is also to ask do we even own anything to give back to our Lord? The answer is of course, not really. Nothing that I have is going to enhance Jesus in any way. Nothing that I have of any value didn't come from God already, so giving back doesn't gain anything for our God. But on the other hand, when I give my life to Jesus each morning, I lay my sins and general worthlessness on the altar and God can raise me up to do great things for his glory. Not one of us needs to be saved by Jesus more than once, but giving our lives back to the Lord each day acknowledges who is the Lord of our life and the Lord of all. With a small offering of fish and loaves Jesus fed thousands. Imagine what he can do with each of our lives as we give back to the Lord each day. Perhaps we do have something of great value to give.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Of course it was yesterday, but I hear MyBridge radio giving their good wishes as well. Lift up your fathers to our Father in Heaven on this great day.


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