Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guardian of the Law (Self-Appointed) - June 18, 2011

Good Saturday morning! United Airlines stranded all of its passengers last night. I wonder if there is a fee for that? I got up a little late this morning after a great sleep. I wonder if that was due to the lack of planes flying out of DIA during the night? Could be, it seemed unusually quiet last night. I think everything decided to take a break after the storms of previous nights. Even the weather seemed quiet; though I will admit that I might have slept through something. Whatever the reason the sleep was good and the dreams even better.

Speaking of wondering, since I am doing so much of it this morning, have you ever run into one of the self-appointed guardians of the Law? Not people who grow up to be police officers or attorneys, but those folks who point the finger at the brother or sister in Christ. I'm talking about that person who has the law written on the heart and the tip of the tongue. The family goes on a fishing trip on a Sunday and the tongue wags: "You should be in church on Sunday morning!" The minister on the radio says something that might be open to interpretation and you better believe this person has another interpretation to put up on their own web site in a critical manner. I sleep in on a Saturday morning and the self-appointed finger of the Law reaches in my window to jab me a good one. Actually that last one didn't happen, but you have run into a person like this at some point.

Perhaps he didn't point, but you could see thunderclouds forming on the brow when one of your children made a noise in the church service. Perhaps nothing is ever said to you, but with a stare and a glare, all the children become quiet when she walks by the Sunday School room. Fun flees the premises when this person arrives; the room becomes somehow brighter when this person leaves, and when the mouth of the Law opens you can't find the exit for all the clouds of doom spoken into the air. Yeah, that person. What a dreadful job to have.

If I were to appoint myself Guardian of the Law, I would never run out of terrible things to witness and denounce. Job security would be mine for a lifetime. I wouldn't even need to look at unbelievers, my brothers and sisters in Christ would provide plenty of possible sins to crow about. I could take every minister on the television and radio and find something to disagree with. Thanks to the Internet and servers, I could even spend my time digging up sermons from the distant past to find little stones to throw. Would God disagree with my findings? I don't know, because I rather suspect that a self-appointed law guardian would never stop to ask the Father lest I be stopped in my tracks. Jesus said one very important thing that the finger pointer would not want to recall: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When I am grabbing a little sin in my life, I don't need a self-appointed law guardian to tell me all about it. The Spirit that Christ has given me will twang the strings of my conscience in a discordant note that cannot be mistaken. I need a word of repentance, a prayer of forgiveness, and the loving peace of God; not a wagging finger and a shrill voice. A simple comforting, "I know it's hard. Let's ask God for his strength and forgiveness." is so much better than the triumphant cackle, "I caught you my pretty, and your little dog too! Nee, hee, hee! We'll drag you up before the church board of correction for this one!" Okay, so maybe the Wicked Witch of whatever direction she came from doesn't go to your church and maybe your church decided that a board of correction might be going too far, but those people do exist and they need our prayers. Blessed are the peacemakers, not the troublemakers. Let us all point to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Have a great Saturday in Christ!


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