Monday, June 14, 2010

Unfailing - June 14, 2010

Good Monday morning! We are drying out a bit, but still overcast. Did you get a chance to see the few spots of sunlight yesterday afternoon? I went out just to stand in a couple of them. Sunlight sure looks wonderful after a couple days of rain. Have you ever bought a shirt for a championship team? A team, by the way, that you have never supported until they won the championship. Perhaps you have only Nebraska championship t-shirts, in which case your wardrobe is starting to get a little frayed. The key word in today's verse seems to be: unfailing. No team is unfailing and we are not always loyal to just one team. Our support is not unfailing. This verse today tells of someone who is unfailing.

For the Law was given through Moses, but God's unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ. (John 1:17)

From this verse it would seem that the Law didn't work. Not that the Law given through Moses was imperfect, but those who had to keep the Law failed to uphold their end of the covenant. That hasn't changed, we still fail to uphold the Law. Do you want to uphold the Law and get into Heaven? Jesus told us how: be ye perfect even as your Heavenly Father is perfect. I wonder if Jesus had a twinkle in his eye when he said that? He knew very well that none had kept the entire law then and none have now. We don't stand a chance of getting into Heaven by our own keeping of the Law.

Where we have failed, God has shown his own unfailing love and faithfulness. We fail; God does not fail. To get into Heaven on our own, we cannot fail, but we do. Since we are all hopelessly lost in our own imperfection, God sent Jesus to bring His unfailing love and faithfulness to us. God offered a way to Heaven that is unfailing to those who were far from His own perfect standard.

Unfailing, that just seems like something I strive for all my life. Yet, even in my best moments something can easily come up to disrupt even a long standing accomplishment. You have witnessed the same thing at work. Someone never fails to produce a daily report.. until they are sick one day and suddenly the entire office is turned upside down. The big boss gets mad, the fingers start pointing; why didn't the boss assign a backup? Why didn't the person do it yesterday before getting sick? Yup, even the unreasonable gets a nod when unexpected failure occurs. The 'expect the unexpected' poster goes up in the office to highlight our failure at foretelling the future too. In all of this, God remains sovereign, strong, steadfast and unfailing.

Things are so wet around the state today that someone probably will not be able to make it into work. When chaos comes from their absence, remember the unfailing love and faithfulness of God sent through His Son, Jesus Christ. Unfailing, I like that quality in God; it gives me reassurance when the world goes all haywire.

I pray for a day of unfailing in our work today, so that we may gain just a small hint of the unfailing nature of God.


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