Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Revealed to Us - June 15, 2010

Good Tuesday morning! I tried to get out before sunrise this morning, but I'm still here in the house and the sun is well up. Part of the problem is me, but the other part is that that sun gets up pretty darn early at this time of the year. It would be a lot easier to catch the sunrise in, oh about August or September, I think. What a beautiful sunrise it is though! The sunrise after days of clouds and rain is always appreciated just a little more than usual.

News this week is that our brains are much more active when not thinking than scientists assumed. Yes, this includes your mother-in-law. The blank mind rests in an apparently very active brain. The activity is lowest or nonexistent in those with problems relating to the real world. Interesting, we are told to have quiet times and the rush of the modern world is an enemy of the quiet time. We are taught to abhor slow thinking even though we have all stopped to wonder where in the world our mind was at some point when we didn't decide very well. Perhpas, oops, that isn't some ancient Greek hero, thy this: perhaps a little quiet time before the decision would have helped.

Today we have a great verse to meditate upon. To meditate in the Lord we are sometimes told to choose a Bible verse and this one has a wealth of thought provoking words.

No one has ever seen God. But the one and only Son is himself God and is near to the Father's heart. He has revealed God to us. (John 1:18)

Moses came the closest to seeing God, but was shielded from God's full glory by clouds. Even then the people of Israel could not look upon his face for a while and begged him to put on a veil. When Jesus came, a lot of people suddenly were able to see God in his human form. God revealed himself in a form that we could speak with, ask questions of, and look upon without harm. This of course leads people to say that Jesus could not be God. We do not understand how God can be the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but that points to our own shortcomings rather than an impossibility. We don't understand many of God's ways, perhaps none at all, but that doesn't make them not real or impossible. I can't throw a 100 mph fastball, but it would certainly be wrong of me to assert that the action is not possible.

Jesus is God and He revealed God to us. You and I don't know how God could be in Heaven on His Supreme Throne and yet walking around with Peter and John on Earth. Nor can we say how God the Father and Jesus the Son are side by side in Heaven now while the Holy Spirit is both in the world and in our hearts. Faith is in accepting the fact and praising God for His grace and mercy.

Enjoy the sunshine today!


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