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What Would Mary Do? - April 13, 2010

Good Wednesday morning!

Newsweek asked the question on the front cover of this week's issue, what would Mary do? The article is about the continuing or returning abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, but the question kind of made me wonder. Since they brought it up, let's ask that question of the scripture. In Matthew we find Joseph learning from an angel in his dream that he should not be afraid to take Mary as his wife for she carried God's own son. We also read how the wise men found and worshipped the newborn King of the Jews as a child while he was with Mary. Later, Mary takes off with Joseph to Egypt to avoid the massacre ordered by King Herod. So far, we have found no indication of what Mary would do, but that's only if you assume she had no free will in going with Joseph to Egypt.

In Luke, we find that Mary is troubled by the angel's greeting and doesn't understand his prophecy. However, we also get the first indication of what Mary would do in her life when she submits to the will of God saying, "Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word." Now we often assume that she meant God the Father when she said "Lord", but the angel had just told her who her son would be. Mary may well have seen more clearly in this than we do.

After the announcement of her own pregnancy, Mary went with haste to the hill country to visit her relative, Elizabeth. Mary stayed with the mother of John the Baptist for 3 months and spoke words of prophecy. Mary then went home and then on to Bethlehem with her betrothed husband, Joseph, where she delivered the Christ child.

What else did Mary do? In the second chapter of John, we find Mary and her son, Jesus, at a wedding feast in Cana. Mary brings a problem to her son, and then tells the servants to do whatever Jesus says to do. Another good lesson for us, and another indication of what Mary would do. We also read later in John that Mary was at her son's crucifixion where Jesus gave her into John's care.

So, what would Mary do? From the Bible we learn that Mary would obey the message brought by angels and submit to the will of God. We learn that Mary would go where her betrothed husband went and visit relatives to rejoice in the providence of God. When problems arose, we learn the Mary would defer to her son and tell others to obey Him. Finally, we see that Mary accepted the will of her son by adopting a grown son in John. What would Mary do? We're glad you asked!

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