Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Self-help, but God-help - July 28, 2009

Good Tuesday morning! Every day you can find advertisements for the latest in self-help books and DVDs. I suspect that if you had the money to purchase a copy of every self-help book, course, DVD, or CD you could fill a library the size of a football stadium. I say "you" because I already know that I don't have the money for a project of that type. While we spend much time and money in this world in a vain effort to help ourselves, God sets out a different path for those called to Him. "Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness..."

What we can do for each other in this life is to point out the God-help books and other sources of help and inspiration from God. The primary source is certainly God's own word, the Bible. Books by our brothers and sisters in Christ come to mind next as I am primarily a book seeker. However, today we also have access to Christian sites and, ahem, devotional e-mails, to help each other and to gain comfort and inspiration. We can also e-mail each other directly, call on the telephone (yes, those still exist), and get together with our brothers and sisters in Christ in worship or fellowship. I would be remiss in not pointing out even some areas that I am falling behind in such as: Twitter, instant messaging, and cell phone texting. Any of these tiny-message formats can be used to send a quick message of hope and comfort to a brother or sister in Christ, particularly the younger ones who are more familiar with those methods.

We enjoy many ways to communicate that did not exist in the past. How 'good' some of those methods are is open to interpretation of course. However, I don't believe that God has been left behind by any mode of communication. We can use any or all of them to spread the Good News of Christ.

Have a great day in Christ; and here's an e-mail message reminding you that Jesus loves you! :-)


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