Thursday, July 02, 2009

Comfort and Encouragement - July 2, 2009

Good Thursday morning! Are you frightened today? What about the world scares us so much these days? I read a truly frightening article this morning about the power amassed by Goldman-Sachs. Are the allegations in the article true? I don't know, but the research and analysis appears to be in-depth and backed up by evidence. As usual in an article of this type, the organization in question refused to comment. We have entered a world of corporate and government arrogance to be sure. Back in the day a big company might fear the exposure of an investigative reporter. These days some corporations are so large that they can ignore whatever an article or book might cause the general population to think. This stands in stark contrast to what I experienced at my former employer where we were very much concerned about what our customers and the general population thought of us and our actions as a company.

I received a mission when starting this new career. That mission was twofold - encourage and comfort my brothers and sisters in Christ. Novels, devotionals, and articles in e-mail or in print - whatever the method of delivery to you, my mission is important in this day of scary news from all media sources on a daily basis. In Jesus' time the powerful government in Rome caused many to worry. At a word from the emperor, the legions might descend on an area with fire and sword. A man's life might be discarded at a whim from a powerful citizen. While the wealthy partied and gorged, an entire population might be starving. The world wants us to believe that things have changed.

Where is the comfort and encouragement in all of this? We know they have changed, but not through anything the world has done. The rich get richer, the powerful still dictate from afar, but one great change arrived at the height of Roman power. Jesus, brought truth, freedom, and love to those who would believe that He is the risen Son of God. We look at our own strength and know that we are weak in this world of greed and sin. We are loved and known by someone more powerful than all the forces of the world, that same Son of God, Jesus Christ. In the end time, we know that Jesus will defeat the forces of the world arrayed together with but a word. At the moment it looks as though the world is winning. Don't believe it. Jesus is Lord!

At this time the world seems to be marching to a power that does not have our best interests at heart. That power has found allies in those who would rather not act in love and responsibility. Take comfort and encouragement from Jesus. He faced those same forces and rose again to a glorious new life. He died not in defeat; He lives in victory!

Take some time to relax this Independence Day weekend!


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