Friday, July 17, 2009

God's Will First! - July 17, 2009

Good Friday morning! In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul gives us a list of things that love is not, or that love doesn't do. Does someone coming into the room when you are busy irritate you? That is not love. Are you envious of a neighbor or a person at work? No love there. From our reactions to people we can tell that our love probably needs some work. Jesus walked the earth with perfect love and rose again to bring His love to our hearts. However, we were born into the world and the inclination of the flesh fights against that love growing in us. Bear in mind that once you and I have given our lives to Christ, we are no longer responsible for the end result. Paul tells us in Philippians that God will complete His work in us. If the progress of you Christian growth doesn't seem fast enough, look to see what ways you might be standing in the way preventing progress. We tend to cling to some areas of our former lives: alcoholics may have to fight the inclination to drink for years, overindulgers (probably not a dictionary word) in food might have to work on that for some time, and sexual lusts may dog us for decades. We will find strength and healing for these things and many others in the Holy Spirit.

If nothing occurs to you, then relax and be patient, God works in His own perfect time. Paul was told that God's strength became perfect in his own weakness. God may have something to show you and others in the very weaknesses of the flesh that we cry out to Him to heal. One thing we do know; one promise that we can seize now, is that when we are called home to Christ, he will heal us completely.
Patience through our earthly suffering is difficult. We read the stories of Jesus healing in a moment and we want that same healing. However, the point we often miss is that Jesus did God's will. As you can tell from any news source this morning, God's will is not complete on this earth just yet.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend in Christ Jesus!


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