Monday, November 27, 2017

A Good Man With Good News

So the watchman said, “I think the running of the first is like the running of Ahimaaz the son of Zadok.”
And the king said, “He is a good man, and comes with good news.” 2 Samuel 18:27

35 'Cyber Monday' ads and counting in my e-mail this morning, plus one about a fast credit decision. The world is constantly ready to help us...spend our money. So much striving and scrapping for money, we can get out of it by doing without for a while. Been there, tried that, and it's a fast way to start receiving bad news from the letter carrier and phone ringer. We don't have to give up working for a living in order to put money in its proper place as a tool. Instead we can look for the good man with the good news!

Christmas time begins in earnest with the conclusion of the Thanksgiving weekend, and that time is a great time to remember the good man with the good news. He brought us the good news of mercy, forgiveness of sin, and grace, and of course the good news that God loves us. Never did a less deserving group receive such good news as we did when we first heard the good news of salvation through Jesus the Christ. Well, except for those shepherds abiding in the field by night.

Were those shepherds a particularly bad lot? Probably not terribly different from the main part of their human brethren and sisteren; all of us were born into sin and became proficient at it through practice. The good man with the good news brought to us a different way - different from religion and attempting to earn salvation through works that is. He brought us Himself: the good news of salvation by faith in Christ Jesus. This gift of Himself is our first and best Christmas present.

Enjoy His gift today and have a merry Christmas!

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