Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ready to Ask - September 2, 2010

Christ is alive! Good morning to you on this fine, breezy Thursday morning! Some folks will be making the trek to Grand Island for the concert at the Nebraska state fair. Hope they have a great time enjoying the wonderful music of Casting Crowns! Does it feel cooler than it is this morning or what? I think the days of my morning walk in shirt sleeves will soon be gone for the year. After all those hot days this summer, I think I can live with that. So how is our friend Nicodemus doing today with those stunning statements of Jesus?

"How are these things possible?" Nicodemus asked. John 3:9

Nicodemus has gone from telling Jesus who he is in verse 2, to telling Jesus what he knows in verse 4, to humbly seeking in today's verse. Nicodemus is not trying to call into question any of Jesus' statements as he did with "how can an old man go back into the womb?" He is now at the point of "I don't know". I think that the more learned you are in the human knowledge and wisdom of this world, the harder it is to reach the point where you can admit that you don't know and Jesus can then begin to teach you. No more trying to tell Jesus that he is this or that, no longer questioning in a "I already know this..." sort of way, Nicodemus is baffled by what Jesus has said and is ready to learn. We have either reached that point and started to learn, or we still need to admit to Jesus that we don't know everything, and certainly not how to save ourselves. Who does know the answer to eternal life?

Nicodemus knows who holds the answers he seeks, but will he believe Jesus when he gives the answers? At the very least, we can read today that Nicodemus is ready to ask. How is it possible that God created the heavens and the earth from nothing? I don't know, but God is God and I have faith in Him. How is it possible for a baby to grow, be born, and come to the point where he or she will realize that being reborn is the only way to see the Kingdom of God? I don't know, but I do know that it happens, and it happens a lot. In Revelation, John sees a multitude that no one can number who have all been reborn in Christ. Jesus must have one fine explanation coming up in the next few verses for so many to believe in Him. I look forward to the verses we will read in the next few days!

Have a wonderful day in Christ!


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