Friday, August 24, 2018

Adam Had A Purpose

Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. Genesis 2:15

Our father, Adam, was not dumped in a nice place to simply goof off. He had a purpose and an assignment. However, we should not think that this was something that Adam was unsuited to perform like me on roller skates or something.

Even in my youth I was not well suited to rolling around on shoes with wheels. What some appeared to do effortlessly backwards or forwards, I struggled on the edge of disaster to perform at all. You will note that I did not become a professional roller skater. The one who invented that trite phrase about becoming anything you want to did not see me roller skate back in the day. There is something though in this life that I am suited well to perform.

This something will require training and practice, as toil is our lot now since the fall of Adam, but most of all it will require my Lord Jesus. To attempt the accomplishment without our Lord is nothing but a vanity. Solomon discovered that human vanity after much study and experimentation in his life, but most of all he had an overflowing measure of wisdom from the Lord. Paul wrote much that we learn from and struggle to implement to this day. He did it after years of study and practice, but mostly he did it after a powerful visit from the Lord and a constant presence in his life of the Lord's Spirit.

We do not work alone. The Spirit of our Lord God is in us this day. Want to accomplish something, have a purpose, and work for the kingdom of God? Look to the Lord and receive from Him the faith, wisdom, knowledge, and steadfast effort we need to work in His house. And don't act like He is holding a whip to drive us to this thing! Our reward in the doing will be greater than we can imagine.


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