Thursday, March 07, 2019

They Are At Work

Therefore look! The LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets of yours, and the LORD has declared disaster against you.” 1 Kings 22:23

This was about Ahab, but could just as easily describe the climate of the end times as many will fall for what the lying prophets will say. Note that the prophets belong to the king and not to God. Only one prophet speaks the words of the Lord, and he (Micaiah) brings a message of disaster. Another thing that may fit the end times, there were a lot more of them. The king had about 400 men in his prophet gang, the Lord sent one.

In this age we may see many of the false prophets, so many that without the Holy Spirit in us we might well fall under the sheer volume raised against the word of the Lord. Of course, we know the voices of the many false prophets are at work already in the world. So where should we look for them? It would make it easier if they gathered in one political party, maybe even too easy. One nation would also make it easy to spot them. One religion? Yes, but the most effective place, one which they would strive to get into if allowed, would be speaking from the pulpits of churches throughout the land. Too scary. How about the places of the powers that be, financial and government? They are probably there. The centers of communication: radio, television, movies, web sites and social media? Sure, probably there too. With odds of 400 to 1 against, the enemy has plenty of false prophets to put in all of those places and more. If I know of just 29 other people who love God and spread the good news of Jesus, we might be up against 12,000 false prophets already!

It isn't the numbers though, it is the One and His name is Jesus!


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