Monday, March 05, 2018

Rockin' or Rock Chuckin'?

And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. Mark 14:26

A hymn? Do you mean they didn't sing one of the psalms? What argument just popped into your mind? Our Lord Jesus had just begun something new with the Communion. I wonder how long it took for believers to begin arguing who was right and who was wrong? There was a time in the church when only psalms were to be sung. Then there was a time when only Watt's hymnal was to be used. Then there was that time when the Pope was called 'Antichrist'. And that other time when a reformer nailed some notes to a door. Now we have rockin' churches with bass and rhythm guitars and a drum line. Always, throughout the ages we have seen the changes and the controversy, even a little rock chuckin' - or worse - between those who claim to believe in Jesus.

To paraphrase Joshua, as for me and my family, we will trust in our Lord Jesus and His forming and reforming of His bride-to-be.

The church has grown since the twelve disciples first gathered with their Lord Jesus. We love to note that our Lord chose them and not the other way around. To Peter, Jesus said that on this rock He would build HIS church. What all the arguing, fighting, and rock chuckin' seems to forget is that it is His rock and His church. What seems to us an ever dividing church full of disagreement and strife is somehow in His power and authority coming together to be married to the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are those times when we cannot see how He will ever get it done, but faith says that He will! Rejoice in the Lord!


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